Twitter due to friendships

birdTwitter due to friendships



What do you think the title of this article has something, right? What’s the matter?



Well, as some of you might know, I was in Berlin last weekend at WordCamp. A long time in advance was planned to visit this event with Kai, many better known under the Webarchitekt. And not just the event, no, the fun started on Friday and lasted until Sunday afternoon.



This weekend, I met off the WordCamp 4 people I have known about Twitter for quite some time, yes you read in the Timeline, you retweetet, sometimes seriously fun times. Especially with these fours I had however also over the course of time already over the telephone and it simply simply somehow fit.



So it was close to meeting with these web friends during the stay in Berlin. Those who are 4 have certainly tracked some of you on Twitter, so let’s do it, because it’s only indirect.



So often the web is criticized that people would only be limited to contacts on the web, would be at home someln and the connection to live miss … we know these statements to the sufficient.




Light and shadow on WordCamp



Late but now come from me a few thoughts on the WordCamp, which took place last weekend in Berlin.



The anticipation and excitement on this event had been very big for weeks and, of course, also the expectation. I do not want to go into detail about the event, the Webarchitekt, with which I worked together on WordCamp already on his blog and this retrospect I absolutely agree.



Like Kai, I have estimated my WordPress knowledge at about 6, since I thought my knowledge is certainly only average. I was quickly told on Saturday.



Sure there are still the “big ones” like Frank Bültge or Vladimir Simovic and, of course, Robert Windisch and yes of these gentlemen I would have wanted more sessions, just sessions that go more deeply. But hello guys, I’m clear You were with the orga surely more than charged and therefore that is absolutely not as a reproach.



Anything Apple or what?


After a short trip to Android, I am now again and fully set on Apple.

What happened? Somehow, my iPhone a few weeks ago was too boring and I felt the urge again something new to try.


Since there is today only Android, I worried so quickly a HTC Desire.


In short: a good device, fast and reliable. If I was not aware of the quality and the feel of the iPhone, I would certainly have stayed with it. And yet I’ve sold the Desire this week. Why? The reason is simple, that I’m all about Apple devices, I am working on the iMac and MBPro, have recently been an iPad for travel so the question is not. With the iPhone 4 coming soon will be the replacement for my 3G.